Float, sail surf and swim- wavelengths and watts they say "show me how loud you can get"
The fire builds up my boldness the strength to sway the suitors who don't exist and you seem well suited for me,
I do recall you in a suit jacket in the fall: so nostalgic
whimsically reliable and certainly viable when i met you
"Must not be from 'round these parts are you?"

a city full of young souls you were smart enough to forebode like me, when you stumbled upon my voice in the forest
Klu, klux clandestine swine thrawed out and roasted cracklins ingest, digest, Reader's Bi-gest,
Gestures of sexuality and goin both ways
Sell me your smiles- free laughs on my behalf-
free to make y'all laugh no tax included
'cept for that whore heifer money calf who gives half of her soul
and i'll make that a dime if you pour me some wine and we can discuss why the song feels like our first kiss did

Now it's my turn to lead the game and warn you to make this what it could not be
Yea I s'pose you got two or three in line, like the little one who sucked your cock
cock a doodle doo, rise and shine motherfucker
momma's got a gun and she knows how to use it
crazy dreams, crazy day dreams,
my shootin license expired- no sweat
my gun in under the bed- no sweat
safe for emergencies and just for...

(but) I could never waste a bullet on you
with your big shoes and your baby spew, splashes were delivered in a conversation kinda way, sneaky sneaky
But i've seen you when you were vulnerable, I kinda don't want to, but i really know that i really do


from Rough Sketches, track released August 1, 2011


all rights reserved



Fille Catatonique (side project of M. Simien 2010-2012) Memphis, Tennessee

Lafayette, LA native who migrated to Memphis, TN

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