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Written in August 2011, Introduced at Ballet Memphis Connections event Sept. 2011. Kendall Britt choreographed a dance to it (along with 3 other original songs of mine).

This song was written for a dear friend who helped to shape me in a very unique and memorable way during one of the most difficult times in my life. A friendship I miss very much.


There's a light on at night in my mind
And I fight it like it a fool
After i take what you gave
I cry just to get something else out

And I know sometimes there's nothing I can do
And I wonder just how much I can give
cause you know I that I really want to

I might, I might, I might be in love
Why? why, why, must I be in love?

I had the shakes, heard the voices
and watched the men in their silver car horses,
chariots in flight...
watch me learn your plight
Learned man, he learned my life

I might, I might, I might be in love
Why? why, why, must I be in love?

And I know how hard this has become
and just how hard it'll be

But there's one thing in the world I know...
No, there's two things I know
Not three
and that's
I got you and you got me.


released September 13, 2012
image by Frida Kahlo "Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair" 1940. It's content lends itself to the song in a way.



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Marcella Simien (formerly Fille Catatonique) Memphis, Tennessee

Lafayette, LA native who migrated to Memphis, TN

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