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Mostly just improv songs on the piano.
Ballads, ditties that make you wanna.


released October 13, 2011

-the piano
-those in my life who I've loved.
-self: Marcella René Simien



all rights reserved


Marcella Simien (formerly Fille Catatonique) Memphis, Tennessee

Lafayette, LA native who migrated to Memphis, TN

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Track Name: Pour L'église
Sans arriére-pensée ma chére
(Without ulterior motive my dear)

As I wait in the ocean
and i will watch proudly
All i want, babe, is for you
to be happy
to be happy
whether it's with he, or she, or me

To be happy
and never mad

Oh to feel, to feel
And you all can call me a fool
But you're the foolish ones

I just love, it's not much, it's just love
You can call me a fool, go 'hed and call me a fool
Track Name: Came Over Me
The devil came over me on a Sunday morning
The devil came over me on a Sunday morning
What did you say? I said too much
Talkin crazy psycho babble, I said too much and now you know too much

You can't forget my old, old age of 20
years old..
Oh je suis desolée
I'm feelin old
physical therapy and pill organizers
loss of hearing and wearing glass
you found my clarity in your car seat
brought it to my door
dropped off a parcel, good delivery
here girl now you can see
hear girl
see clearly girl
listen to my lessons, i'm a learned man
i done learned your life, girl
listen to Neil Diamond, stop being so confident and cocky
"you weren't born with one of those, were you? or were you?"
one of those things

Why? What did you say?
I said "I heard," I said "I love," I said "I don't wanna touch," I said "I want you all over me"

Open your arms, mine are
Open your arms, mine are
And your heart, mine is, why isn't yours?
Mine is, why isn't yours?

Girl, you done lost the mystery
But boy you don't know half of me

You done lost the mystery, talked too much, run ya mouth like a fuckin fool

The devil came over me on Sunday morning, he can come out sometimes on Saturday night too sometimes maybe after i had too much to drink and not enough to eat, or too much eat and not enough to drink

When i don't put enough cream in my coffee and those little orange guys pop up and the little white ones and then the blue ones too, and then the white ones, and then blue ones, sometimes the black ones and the purple ones i've had too many of those

The devil came over me on a Sunday morning, devil came over me on a Sunday morning

Now i'm at church tryin to
tryin to
rebuild, reclaim my
got a repetoir of human qualities
Just fish through my pages
Just look through my book, i'll show you them

I'm a little bird girl, fille d'oiseau girl
Nous sommes d'oiseau, we are birds, girl